Torre de Monsanto I

The Story
April, 2009. Every day on my way to work I take this highway and pass by this tower. It is an office building in Miraflores, near Lisboa and it's particular shape always fascinated me. In Portugal we don't have too many high buildings and this is one of the few.
I work in a financial group and, as a benefit, we have the Thursday's afternoon off in the day before Holy Friday. In that Thursday, the sky was promising so I took the gear to work in hope of some good shots after.
In those days, a highway high pass was being built and it was still closed to traffic, so that spot was perfect for the perspective I wanted.
I parked near the construction site and walked across the high pass to be exactly above the highway. I took some shots and then headed to the belly of the beast (the tower itself).

Equipment / Technical Info
Nikon D80
Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC

1/160 second
10 mm

Original Photo

Post Processing
This photo was my first choice from the ones I took in that afternoon. As soon I arrived home I started to pick a few to post process.
This one, with the black street and the white lines in the pavement had "Black & White" written all over :)
So I imported the NEF into Lightroom, aligned and cropped it to my like and the head straight to my favorite preset - the one that have all the treatment I applied in King of Darkness and that is the base for some other photos of mine.
Then I reduced the Vignetting, increased the Sharpening and adjusted the Grey Levels (upped the Oranges and Greens a bit).
Finally, I've added a Graduated Filter to even the Vignetting in the top left side.
In CS4, I've adjusted the Levels and added some Contrast.

Final Photo

Link to image

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