Arco de S. Bento

The Story
April 2009. Since some time I started to leave the car home and take the public transportation to go to work. I would pick the train to Sete Rios and there I took a company bus to work.
Sete Rios was an area of Lisboa that I never properly explored before, photographically speaking. So, one day I took an early train and scouted the area for some interest points. There we have the Twin Towers, an hotel and some other buildings that captured my interest.
In the next weekend after this scouting, I decided to grab the gear and head there. My wife went shop seeing at El Corte Inglés and I started discovering this area.
I started in the Twin Towers (next to Sete Rios train station) and then walked across the José Malhoa Avenue towards Praça de Espanha. A lot of interesting buildings exist in this avenue and in Praça de Espanha there is a Triumphal Arch. This arch was part of the Aguas Livres aqueduct and then it was dismantled and became a pile of rocks for some decades. Nowadays it is, re-assembled, in Praça de Espanha.
The sky that day wasn't overcast as I like it, but it had some high clouds to compose the scenario. I took some photos of this place and then head back to my wife.

Equipment / Technical Info
Nikon D80
Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC

1/160 second
10 mm

Original Photo

Post Processing
This photo was my first choice from the ones I took that afternoon and it was published in the same day it was taken.
I imported the NEF file into Lightroom, cropped it to my like and removed some dust spots. Then I applied the Mike Lao's "300 V2" preset (you can find it here: and started retouching some settings: Highlight Recovery to the maximum (the stone was too overexposed after the preset), reduced the Black Clipping and the Vignetting, increased the Sharpening and converted to Grayscale. In the Gray Levels, I slightly decreased the Blues, highly decreased the Reds and highly increased the Greens. Finally I increased Clarity to 30.
In CS4, I've converted to Black & White (Red Filter preset), applied some Shadows/Highlights (0%/20%), added some extra Vignetting (I preferred to do it here rather than in Lightroom because of the significant crop the original image took) and finally: Auto Tone, Auto Contrast, Auto Color and Auto Levels.

Final Photo

Link to image

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